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Smart-camera VIRIS

Adaptive smart-camera

Smart camera with high resolution of vehicle number plate recognition and automatic adaptation to external environment

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VIRIS Smart Camera is an All-in-One system: camera, embedded computer with license plate number plate recognition software, IR illumination, power supply and communication modules.

The smart camera provides both image generation and its analysis based on computer module and software embedded in the device. As a result, a separate PC for video image processing and communication systems for its transmission are not required.

A specialized algorithm for video camera and illuminator parameter control provides consistent and high-quality images of number plates in various lightning conditions – from complete darkness to blazing sunshine and flecks.


  • Recognition probability up to 98% at vehicle speed up to 200 km/h
  • Support of the RF, CIS, and EU number plates
  • Indigenous Russian technology
  • Reasonable price (15-30% lower than equivalents)
  • Remote desktop configuration
  • Modular design: failure of one smart camera does to lead to failure of cameras on other check sections due to the absence of common computing unit
  • Watchdog timer and standby heating for enhanced reliability of the system
  • All-weather housing IP68, operating temperature range -70…+50 °C


  • Complete solution - camera, computer, IR illuminator in a single housing - guarantees full compatibility and high quality of components
  • IR illumination ensures 24-hour efficiency in any lighting conditions
  • Easy installation and connection. Installation consists in camera fastening, its position and IP address setting up. To connect to each camera, it is only necessary to supply power and an Ethernet cable.

Smart camera setting up does not require highly qualified personnel, since its parameters automatically adapt to the installation site and external lighting conditions