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Rough diamond classification by shape and clarity

In 2015-2016, Mallenom Systems completed a project of developing mathematical and software support for devices designed to sort natural diamonds by shape and clarity. The project was performed on request of ALROSA joint-stock company, with joint-stock company "Research and Development Enterprise "Bourevestnik" acting as general contractor. The solution is based on optoelectronic stereoscopic control method, computer vision and computer-aided learning technologies.

Operating principles

A diamond is recorded with the help of video cameras during free fall. The software reads the images of the diamond from video cameras and analyzes them. When classifying diamonds by shape, the dimensional attributes of diamonds are analyzed, when classifying diamonds by clarity, a combination of their attributes is analyzed to identify both surface and internal specifics of diamonds.

The diamonds are classified based on models created using computer-aided learning methods and algorithms of video image analysis developed in Mallenom Systems.

The training of models is performed using collections of a Customer company; therefore, the models capture to the greatest possible extent all classification details of a specific company.

In order to improve quality, the models can be gradually retrained by expanding the training set with new diamonds, including rare ones. In order to better take into account the specific nature of a particular diamond batch, for instance, classifiers for particular batches can be created when receiving large diamond batches from a particular mining and processing plant.

A stand-alone software product was developed in order to create the classification models, which enables operators to conduct independent additional training of already created and news models.

The software allows sorting diamonds at a rate of up to 20 diamonds per second. The number of classification classes is limited only by the capabilities of sorting device hardware.