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Automarshal ANPR system

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is one of the most widespread and effective ways to identify vehicles in the traffic flow and in access control points. The ANPR technology is applied to automate checkpoints, weighing stations, car parks, car washes and service stations, as well as to control access of vehicles to the territory of corporate offices, industrial zones, gated communities, hotels and airports.

Specifically designed for all the above mentioned applications, Automarshal ANPR software reads number plates with the highest recognition accuracy, generates various types of reports, allows creating user lists, controlling barrier gates and traffic lights, and much more.

Automarshal can operate stand alone, however it can also be easily integrated in video surveillance and complete security systems to add license plate recognition to the existing functionality.

Installed on a Windows PC, Automarshal ANPR software receives video streams from Ethernet-connected IP-cameras, and then detects and recognizes vehicle license plates in the received images. The results of license plate recognition are stored to a database together with all the associated data (date, time, direction of travel, image of the vehicle, camera name, etc.). For access control applications the software matches the plate number against database records, grants or denies access based on this data, and gives commands to external devices — barriers, gates, traffic lights.

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