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Identification and inspection of railcars, automation of car scales

  • Exclusion of human factor
  • Full control over railcar movement
  • Transparent shipment using car scales
  • Reduction of expenses and irretrievable losses
  • Faster execution of documents for railcars

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About the system

ARSCIS is a family of solutions for car identification, control of product shipment by rail, commercial inspection of cars, check of car movement and location based on the car number identification system and solving metrology, logistics, and security tasks.

Tasks in the focus

For commodity production and metrology services

  • Reduction of human factor influence on shipment process
  • Documentation of weighting of each railcar
  • Reduction of labour consumption and increased speed of shipment
  • Automation of workflow
  • Absence of staff on railway lines

For security services

  • Tracking of railcar location
  • Identification of “suspicious” movements and delays of railcars
  • Detection of changes in car weight
  • Inspection of railcars using thermal vision and laser scanning facilities

For logistics services and railway workshops

  • Inspection of railcars without staff on railway lines
  • Generation of photo and video materials for complaint management
  • Check of railcar displacement and movement
  • Automatic monitoring of time a railcar spends in the premises
  • Check of oversized cargoes and railcars