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Traffic counting software

AVEDEX software is designed to measure traffic intensity and composition from video images. Video comes directly from surveillance and special cameras online, or can be downloaded from a video file. As a result of the analysis, the program provides statistics on the number of vehicles and their categories.

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The AVEDEX software is an effective tool for the automatic collection of data on the intensity and composition of the traffic flow. AVEDEX does not use physical sensors for counting and does not require system commissioning by specialists.

The obtained data can be used for:

  • improving traffic capacity of highways
  • building optimal transport routes
  • analyzing the condition of the roadway
  • measuring traffic intensity on the road section
  • building models of traffic flows
  • predicting possible traffic jams, etc.

The software is compatible with a wide range of video cameras and operates effectively in all weather conditions. The estimation accuracy reaches 99%. Automatic analysis is carried out in all directions and lanes in the frame.


Main functions:

  • Counting vehicles on video.
  • Vehicle classification into categories: cars, trucks, public transport, etc.
  • Displaying traffic statistics and exporting statistics in CSV and XML formats.

Software features:

  • Vehicle counting is carried out fully automatically.
  • Up to 6 video flows can be processed simultaneously.
  • Counting can be done both from the online video stream and from the video file.
  • The user himself marks the road lanes on the image for traffic counting.
  • Statistics export can be done in short form (total traffic) or in extended form (traffic divided into categories).

Settings window:


Municipal entities

    • Traffic analysis automation
    • Traffic optimisation
    • Traffic flow modelling

Advertising agencies

  • Data collection toestimate cost of advertising spaces along roads
  • Analysis of the efficiency of advertising campaign

Design organisations

    • Determination of traffic flow composition
    • Calculation of traffic concentration at a given road section
    • Prediction of traffic model development

Research organisations

  • Automatic data collection at a required road section for research projects and theses
  • Calculation of traffic for R&D and other orders.

Road building organisations

  • Analysis of current situation at the road facility
  • Planning of road-construction works
  • Prediction of road bed quality

Logistics companies

  • Calculations to reduce prime costs of transportation and increase cost efficiency of truck fleet
  • Generation of freight routes and schedules

Gas stations

  • Analysis of traffic on the road section to assess the feasibility of placing new gas stations
  • Counting of vehicles entering the gas station and passing by (traffic conversion)

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