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Mallenom Systems develops computer vision systems and solutions for industrial video analytics that are based on neural networks and deterministic algorithms for image analysis.

The company solutions are developed at the internal Research and Development Centre for Intelligent Systems. The development of such solutions starts from initial conceptual research and feasibility assessment of considered solution, to development of algorithms for image processing, development of user-friendly software, as well as development of dedicated software modules that expand functionality for the previously created company solutions.

Currently, Mallenom Systems develops its solutions for the following four areas, which are:
1. Industrial quality control and product tracking based on machine vision;
2. Identification, control, inventory and analysis of vehicles;
3. Identification and inventory of railcars and rail tank cars;
4. Analysis and control of events and people.

Solutions that have been developed by our company can be found implemented across different industries – from food, pharmaceutical and transport industries to machine building, oil and gas, metallurgy and diamond mining, both domestically and abroad.

Over the years, Mallenom Systems has been privileged to develop solutions for such companies as Rosneft, Severstal, Procter & Gamble, LUKOIL, ALROSA, RUSAGRO and Valentis, just to name a few. Additionally, the solutions of our company have been utilised during 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, 2018 FIFA World Cup and Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. Overall, since its formation, Mallenom Systems has performed more than 2200 successful implementations of systems and solutions that have been developed by the company.

Please feel free to refer to the list below and follow embedded links for more information:

Classification of natural diamonds

  • Automation of diamond classification process;
  • Classification of raw natural diamonds based on color and shape.
Quality control
of agricultural produce

  • Automatic assessment of received shipment of sugar beets;
  • Dynamic decision making for processing/storage of sugar beets.
Quality control of pharmaceuticals

  • Assessment of manufactured tablets and capsules for the presence of defects;
  • Detection of foreign objects in blister containers.
Quality control
of food containers

  • Assessment of defects presence inside of food containers;
  • Detection of foreign objects;
  • Automation of rejection process for defective products.
Identification of markings from pipes surface

  • Recognition of alphanumeric markings from surface of round pipes;
  • Tracking of pipes across different stages of production.
Position monitoring of the hot-rolled coils

  • Real-time monitoring of the hot-rolled coils positioning on a conveyor belt;
  • Prevention of dangerous offsets that may lead to the coil fall, machinery damage and personnel safety risks.
Monitoring and control of industrial security and personnel safety

  • Monitoring of PPE presence;
  • Monitoring of personnel entrance into hazardous areas;
  • Detection of industrial accidents and dangerous conduct.
Assessment of granulometric composition of bulk materials

  • Detection and classification of granules based on linear size;
  • Detection of oversized granules and automatic notification of system operator.

Control automation for vehicle entry/exit

  • Automatic recognition of vehicle number plates;
  • Automation of traffic barriers, traffic lights and speed gates operation;
  • Monitoring of vehicle stay duration in parking area;
  • Identification of vehicle moving speed;
  • Automatic generation of reports and display of information on external LED panel.

Quantitative analysis of vehicle and pedestrian traffic

  • Processing of visual data and counting vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Assessment of traffic from live video stream and pre-recorded video files;
  • Classification of vehicle traffic in up to 13 categories;
  • Visualisation of traffic data;
  • Automatic generation of traffic reports;
  • Automatic export of the raw collected traffic data for further use. 

Automation of weighbridge operation

  • Integration with vehicle scales and automation of vehicle weighing process;
  • Automation of traffic barriers, traffic lights and illumination at the weighing station;
  • Automatic generation of reports and integration with corporate information system.

Automatic identification of railcar and rail tank cars identification markings

  • Automation of checkpoints for railway transport;
  • Commercial inspection and inventory of transported cargo;
  • Automation of scales operations for railway transport;
  • Automatic generation of reports and integration with corporate information system.

If you have any questions about solutions that are developed by our company or would like to discuss the possibility of development of custom systems or replication of previously developed ones, please feel free to contact us.