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VISCONT system at automated active storage warehouse

In 2023, Mallenom Systems has successfully implemented VISCONT system for recognition of the barcodes at the automated active storage warehouse for the documents for COMITAS LLC.

The objective of the system implementation was the automation of barcode recognition together with rejection of faulty barcodes and boxes aggregation. This helped to improve efficiency and reduce time for performed logistics operations at the warehouse and also minimise chance of an error.

The main system functionality is to recognise CODE 128 from pallets that hold the boxes, perform recognition of barcodes from multiple boxes, control the presence of boxes and their aggregation in the pallets.

The system is installed at two control areas and consists of the following hardware and software:

  • machine vision camera for reading the barcodes from boxes
  • barcode reader for the pallets
  • VISCONT software

System principle of operation:

Pallets cross the control area where the barcode reader performs identification of the barcode while the machine vision camera recognizes barcodes from all boxes placed on a pallet. The data for the pallet composition are forwarded to web server and to warehouse automation system.

For the convenience of the operator, the system utilizes automated VISCONT workstation which displays current barcode recognition status, outputs overall recognition statistics for the 24 hours, and also enables to view images and data in the system log. 

Implementation of the system enables to configure automated aggregation of the boxes in pallets, and also reject pallets that either do not have any boxes or barcodes.