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Automatic number plate recognition system

Automarshal is the software for automatic license plate recognition in a traffic flow and at checkpoints. Automarshal is used to automate checkpoints, parking lots, carwashes, logistics and warehouse complexes, weighing and filling stations; to control access of vehicles to the territory of corporate offices, industrial zones, gated communities, hotels and airports; to monitor traffic on highways.

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Installed on a Windows PC, Automarshal ANPR software receives video streams from Ethernet-connected IP-cameras, and then detects and recognizes vehicle license plates in the received images. The results of license plate recognition are stored to a database together with all the associated data (date, time, direction of travel, image of the vehicle, camera name, etc.). For access control applications the software matches the plate number against database records, grants or denies access based on this data, and gives commands to external devices — barriers, gates, traffic lights.

Operation scheme with PC

Operation scheme with Intel NUC Mini PC

Automarshal can operate stand alone, however it can also be easily integrated in video surveillance and complete security systems to add license plate recognition to the existing functionality. The Automarshal software product line also includes a specialized version of Automarshal.Gate software and Automarshal.SDK development kit and Automarshal.SDK Service API.

System functionality allows:

  • creating unlimited number of vehicle access lists
  • tracking statistics and generating reports
  • loading third party databases
  • controlling executive devices
  • calculating the time and cost of parking
  • interacting with ACS, video surveillance systems and complex security systems, etc.

Automarshal software is available in two modifications: for vehicle speeds up to 30 km/h and up to 270 km/h. Licensing is performed based on the number of purchased recognition channels – video cameras connected to one PC.

Automarshal features

Quick start. Intuitive interface does not require a user to have programming and administration skills. The installation and initial configuration of Automarshal usually do not exceed 30 minutes.

Simultaneous recognition of all license plates in a shot. Automarshal analyzes movement trajectory of each vehicle in the camera’s field of view, which ensures simultaneous recognition of all license plates in a shot and allows making individual entries about each of them in the recognition log.

Flexible adjustment of recognition parameters. In Automarshal, you can block repeated recognition of the same vehicle, ignore stationary vehicles, recognize license plates of vehicles moving in a certain direction, etc.

Multi-country number plate recognition. The list of supported countries is constantly expanding (actual list is available on automarshal.net). Recognition of single- and dual line license plates, common, inverse and special license plate types is supported.

Unlimited number of vehicle access lists. You can create any number of vehicle access lists with individual settings: validity period, day of the week, time of day, number of passages, and number of available parking spaces.

Statistics, notifications and reports. A user can receive summary data about the number of entries/exits for any period, view passages of a specific vehicle, evaluate traffic intensity by time of day, etc. It is possible to send e-mail, SMS, and
Telegram notifications about passage of a specific vehicle or vehicles from a specific list.

Centralized control. The ability to connect several input and output modules allows operating the system at facilities with many geographically dispersed entrances/exits and simultaneously controlling many devices from a single control center. Centralized control enables saving on control points equipment (hardware and software) and labor costs. 

Scalability. The data on vehicle passage can be stored in the local database and transferred to the central database, which is used to store the information from all systems installed at the facility. The use of data replication mechanism allows simultaneous storage of data both in local databases and in the central database.

Secure storage of data. Due to an industrial DBMS (MS SQL Server), Automarshal ensures safe data storage and high speed access to stored data.

Remote access. The web-client allows working with the program remotely via a web browser or from any mobile device. The users of the system can issue vehicle passes remotely. The gate arm can be opened remotely via a phone call to a gsm-module.

Integration with third party systems. Automarshal software is easily integrated with access control systems, video surveillance systems, automated parking systems and carwash/service station systems. Free of charge technical support is provided at the integration stage.

Additional software modules

The functionality of the basic Automarshal version can be expanded with additional software modules. Some of the modules are supplied for free as part of Automarshal software, while other modules should be purchased
individually. The modularity of the system enables configuring the solution to suit a specific task and not pay extra money for unnecessary functionality.

Free modules

  • Tariffication
  • Report distribution
  • SMS, Telegram notifications
  • Text file
  • HTTP export
  • Exporting data to disk
  • ACS Gate
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • RS-232/485
  • Panorama
  • Operator check

Paid modules

  • Device control
  • Automarshal.Web-client
  • Video surveillance channel
  • Speed measuring
  • Expanding the list of supported countries
  • LED panel control
  • External database
  • Front and rear plate
  • RFID readers
  • Access cards
  • Stop line control

Automarshal website: automarshal.net

On-line demonstration of the Web-client can be viewed here.