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Machine vision and machine learning

Mallenom Systems is one of the Russian leaders in the development and implementation of machine vision systems for various industries. We supply both out-of-the-box solutions and custom development. 

Describe your task and send it to: info@mallenom.ru or call: +7 (8202) 20-16-36 for a detailed consultation of our specialists.


We offer solutions:


  • Logistics
  • Farmaceutical/Medical
  • Food industry
  • Alcoholic beverages industry
  • Customer products 
  • Automotive
  • Metallurgy
  • Electronics


  • OCR
  • 1D, 2D code reading
  • Product tracking
  • Item presence verification
  • Measurement of geometric dimensions
  • Pattern matching
  • Item counting
  • Item identification
  • Color identification
  • Robot vision
  • Quality control
  • Surface inspection
  • 3D scanner based solutions


We carry out the following types of works:

  • Development of technical solutions based on machine vision systems.
  • Assistance in selection of machine vision equipment.
  • Development of mathematics and software for machine vision systems.
  • Development of algorithms for the analysis of optical, X-ray, ultrasound images and image recognition algorythms.
  • Delivery and installation of optoelectronic equipment, comissioning and integration of machine vision systems into the production process.
  • Production personnel trainings.
  • Technical support of clients.

Machine vision systems make it possible to automate the control of manufactured products and control of production processes by analyzing visual information. Industrial video cameras are used to capture images. The software of machine vision systems analyzes the images and transmits data to the operator, the process control system, the robot or directly to the actuaton devices to control the production process. Machine vision systems are especially effective in cases where the volume, speed or complexity of the analyzed information significantly exceeds the capabilities of the operator.