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AVEDEX 1.3.0 – release of new version of a software for automatic vehicle traffic analysis

In this post we would like to announce a release of a new 1.3.0 version of AVEDEX software for automatic analysis of the traffic.

What’s new:

1.3.0 version now has an increased number of vehicle categories based on which AVEDEX performs classification of the vehicle traffic. Also, the ability to process the video data captured from different angles has been added. Moreover, our engineers increased the number of formats for the export of the collected traffic data, and improved the efficiency of video processing.

Classification of the vehicle types

Now the software supports the classification of the vehicles into 7 categories (e.g. buses, minibuses, heavy machinery, motorcycles, etc.)

Simultaneous processing of up to 8 video channels

AVEDEX now can simultaneously process the data from up to 8 video cameras connected to the software and analyse the vehicle traffic flow in real time. In turn, each of these video data streams can have several traffic lanes for which the software performs the vehicle count and classification.

Estimation of the average traffic speed and moving speed of individual vehicles

AVEDEX now has the option to set a control area in the video frame to determine the speed of the vehicles. Based on this data, the average speed of a traffic flow can be derived and the prediction for the occurrence of a traffic jam at a short distance can be made.

Improved efficiency of video file processing

The processing of the video is now performed without a display of the video frames in the graphical user interface. The rate of the processing is 3-4 times higher in comparison to the previous version of AVEDEX.

Display of the data in form of tables and diagrams

To make a display of collected data and derived statistics more user friendly, the traffic statistics is now presented in form of diagrams and tables with the option to export the raw data into a file. AVEDEX now can also display statistics for a user defined time period, such as for a day, week, month or for the entire time of the observation.

Export of the data in. xml,. csv and. xlsx formats

All the collected data can be exported in such formats as. xml,. csv and. xlsx

Analysis of pedestrian traffic

As of today, our engineers are hard at work to bring the next version of AVEDEX which will include the tools for analysis of pedestrian traffic such as counting of people. Gathering and processing of this information can be found useful for assessment of capacity of sidewalks and pedestrian zones near the shopping centres and other crowded places.

Please feel free to test the current version of AVEDEX which performs quick and accurate count of the traffic.

 Software trial

For additional information please feel free to contact the project manager:

Anna Potapkova
+7 964 660 4872
e-mail: a.potapkova@mallenom.ru