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Automarshal 2.24 – new version of the vehicle number plate recognition system

Automarshal version 2.24 is now integrated with Claris web-system for business management. Automarshal can send requests to Claris system for the vehicle entry on the premises. If the vehicle is on the user defined lists, Automarshal would receive an approval for vehicle entry. Otherwise, the system would deny the access.

The new «Speeding» trigger event has been added to identify the vehicles that violate speed limit on the premises.

Additionally, Automarshal now supports the recognition of vehicle number plates for the Republic of South Ossetia.

The new version of Automarshal also incorporates additional development that has been introduce to further optimise the user experience.

Please find more information about all newly introduced features below:

Added integration with Claris

Besides integration itself, the functionality to locally store the data has been added for Claris users. This allows to automatically manage the vehicle access in the event of unexpected Internet connection failure. In Automarshal, the user can set the frequency of the data updates and passes unloads. 

Updated «Export HTTP» module

«Export HTTP» module now has the functionality of a data transfer in the parameters of URL string. This feature enables integration with different services and third-party applications without the need for direct embedding into Automarshal.

Added new trigger event for sending message via HTTP

«Received HTTP response» is the new trigger event that has been added in Automarshal 2.24. This trigger event allows to receive permission or deny access for the vehicles based on the databases of the number plates and access lists stored in third-party applications (e.g. 1C) or other third-party physical access control systems using HTTP. The new version of the software also allows to set the trigger to perform user specified actions (e.g. to open traffic barrier) after Automarshal has received a response.

Added functionality to delete the vehicle number plates with expired passes in the  «Database Task Scheduler» module

Now Automarshal offers added functionality to delete vehicle number plates together with expired passes from the user lists. This allows more convenient management of created user lists.

Added new  «Speeding» trigger event (for integration with speed radar)

Now Automarshal can automatically save the number plates of the vehicles that have been detected to break the speed limit to the dedicated list. This functionality is useful for the private gated communities where the vehicle speed must be below a certain limit.

«Telegram Messenger» module has been moved to the triggers

In the previous versions of Automarshal «Telegram Messenger» module has sent only message about the recognition of the vehicle number plate. In the new version of Automarshal it became possible to send messages for all events available to the user; for instance, «Plate recorded in recognition log».

Web-client: added functionality to record the actions performed by users during their work with the lists into the user action log

Automarshal now makes the log entries into the user action log when vehicle number plates are being added/deleted from the user lists. This helps to identify the changes that have been introduced by a particular user when working with the lists.

Web-client: added filter based on validity of issued passes

Web-client users now can filter issued passes based on their status, which helps to find passes inside of a list more conveniently.

If you have Automarshal license that was purchased less than 12 months ago, please feel free to contact us and we will happily provide you with a free software update.

Before updating your current version, however, we recommend to perform the following steps: recommendations before software update

If you currently do not own Automarshal license, please feel free to download the 15-day free trial version of the software from automarshal.net website. Please note the trial period will begin with the first launch of the software on your computer.

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