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11 ARDIS systems implemented at one of the largest Russian oil refineries

In 2022, 11 ARDIS systems and 2 Automarshal systems were implemented at Slavneft-YANOS JSC, one of the largest oil processing enterprises in Russia.

The customer had several main tasks that needed to be solved:

  • Control of the passage of rail tank cars through the checkpoint
  • Control of the level of tank car loading with oil products using thermal imagers
  • Control of the passage of vehicles at the checkpoint of the enterprise
  • Reports for the security department

Since the customer immediately purchased 11 video monitoring and accounting systems for railway transport for one facility, the ARDIS software was modified for more flexible scaling.

  1. The ability to run multiple copies of the ARDIS software on one computer was implemented

Each copy of the ARDIS software provides recognition on one railway track. New features allow installing multiple copies of the software on a single operating system. This provides the following benefits:

  • the possibility of saving on computers (workstations, servers)
  • the possibility of saving on operating systems (for example, with virtualization)
  1. «Multi-workstation» was developed

ARDIS workstation received the ability to simultaneously work with several railway tracks and display the status of each of the railway tracks. «Multi-workstation» has significantly simplified the work of the operator at the enterprises which have several railway entrances (checkpoints), and the cars do not travel through all the checkpoints at the same time. With «Multi-workstation» the operator got the opportunity to control all points in a single window.

Adjustment of the ARDIS systems to the conditions of the facility and modification of the software to the requirements of the customer lasted about 6 months.

Other features of the project:

  • Thermal imagers were used to control the level of loading of oil products in tanks.
  • The possibility of the system operation in the conditions of stops and reverse movement was provided.

2 Automarshal systems were also installed at the facility to control the passage of vehicles through the checkpoint of the enterprise.

The results of the implementation of the systems at Slavneft-YANOS JSC:

  • Improved quality of control and ease of vehicle tracking at the facility
  • Reduced possibility of theft and accidental irretrievable losses
  • Minimized influence of the human factor on control of transport and shipment of products
  • Maintained evidence base of precedents for handling claims from recipients of rail tank cars (buyers of petroleum products)

Currently, transportation of more than 50% of oil products in Russia is being monitored with ARDIS systems. Implementation at Slavneft-YANOS JSC has expanded the portfolio of Mallenom Systems successful large-scale projects in this field.