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AVEDEX 1.14 – New Functionality for the Road Sector

What's New:

Notifications when program updates are available at launch

Now users will not miss any important updates. As soon as a new version of the program becomes available, they will automatically receive a notification and will be able to download it when launching the software.

Option to enable or disable customized tasks and mailings

Previously, it was only possible to add or delete either tasks or mailing triggers. Previously, there was a challenge that if after deletion these tasks or mailing triggers became needed again, tasks and mailing triggers had to be created anew. Now users can restore previously deleted tasks and mailing triggers with one click, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of working with the software.

Option to automate sending of reports with the help of Mailing triggers

Now it is possible to set up automatic sending of reports (similar to the functionality of the Statistics — Reports) using the Mailing triggers. As a result of flexible software settings, now users can configure the intervals when reports will be sent and the format of their delivery.

Accelerated program launch using TensorRT

Previously, each software launch took a longer time when the TensorRT optimizer was enabled. Now the software features implemented caching, which enables to perform each subsequent program launch much faster.

Option to enable and disable the counting zone

This setting provides the ability to optimize the computational load. Enabling the counting zone means that classification and counting will be performed only for objects which boundaries are within this zone (including boundary matching). This helps to efficiently distribute the computational load on the user's hardware.

Option to set frame rate in the «File processing» window

Now users have option to set the frequency of the frame processing out of entire video file when working with files. Limiting the number of processed frames enables more efficient use of computer resources and provides more stable system operation. This significantly improves performance and helps to achieve better results when processing files.

For additional information, please feel free to contact:

Andrey Kalinyak
International Development Manager
E-mail: sales@mallenom.ru