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Automarshal 2.28: new functionality and integrations with partners’ solutions

New 2.28 version of Automarshal software has been released which expands the number of performed integrations with third party systems and solutions, and which adds several functionalities that provide new options for the software user settings. Overall, these newly introduced features make the software even more user-friendly.

About newly introduced features:

Added integration modules with new partners’ solutions:

  • Perco – major developer and manufacturer of physical access control and management systems. Users store the list of vehicles and access passes in the system, while the algorithm of joint systems operation is identical to the one mentioned above: Automarshal sends a request to the system after vehicle number plate has been recognised. If the vehicle has been issued a pass, then Automarshal opens the traffic gate or traffic barrier.
  • Domovladelec (i.e. Home Owner) – multifunctional software solution for housing and communal services companies. Automarshal addresses tasks of vehicle access control on the premises of residential housing complex using vehicle access lists imported to Domovladelec software. The algorithm of system operation is the same as in cases above.

Updated vehicle categories:

Automarshal now features expanded list of recognised vehicle types. The recognition for the following vehicle types have been added: tractor unit, low-capacity truck, medium-capacity truck, tractor unit with attached trailer, agricultural tractor.

Manual management system for vehicle types now also features functionality to clear previously added vehicle type independently from the number of license plates related to set vehicle type. Previously, the functionality of the software did not allow to delete any vehicle type that has at least one license plate associated with set type.

Added setting for storing single vehicle number plate in two user lists at the same time:

Automarshal now enables to create user lists for storing vehicle number plates. Previously it was not possible to add one license plate into several user lists which created inconvenience for several categories of clients. The new version of the software now allows to have single license plate to be assigned to different user lists which eliminates the need to constantly transfer a number plate between different lists.

Now user lists are categorized as public and private. If the list is set as private, then the vehicle number plates that are in such list are considered to be unique and cannot be stored in other lists. Oppositely, the number plates of public lists can be duplicated to other lists.

When the user would attempt to enter vehicle number plate in public list which is already included in a private list, the software will issue the corresponding warning notification.

Performed integration with Prometheus and Grafana for convenient review of statistics:

Automarshal now features performed integration with Prometheus application for monitoring of events and notifications, and Grafana system for data visualization, which adds convenience for Automarshal partners who manage large number of implementation sites at once.

These added systems now enable to conveniently display large quantity of recognized vehicle number plates, number of performed detections of movement for a specific camera, and any other indicators as necessary.

Added «Beginning date of pass validity» field:

The list which features of the issued passes contains the fields that display such pass settings as validity period, validity time interval and number of permitted entries. The new version of Automarshal software features beginning date of pass validity field. Now, in a case if vehicle is arriving at a facility at an earlier date than the pass is issued for, security officer will see the existence of a pass and will, if necessary, be able to open traffic barrier manually.

The new version of the software also features new pass template that is to be issued for one day only.

Added functionality to import user groups:

Previously, export and import of user lists when transferring software from one database to another was performed without saving the user preference settings. This led to cases when the user groups had to be configured again manually.

The new version of the software now features option to select the way in which transfer between databases will be performed: the user can export aggregated list without classification, can select one specific user group, or can save all user-defined settings and separation across the groups.

Automarshal version 2.28 is available for download from our website. If you have valid license which was purchased less than year ago, please specify your license information when installing new version of the software for a free update.

If you are currently do not hold Automarshal license, please feel free to test the software during 15 days free of charge period. Please note that trial period will begin with the first software launch on your PC.

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For any questions related to Automarshal software, please feel free to contact:

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