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The new 1.8.2 version of EYECONT video analytics system has been released. EYECONT now offers upgraded software development kit and standalone video analytics software.

The new version now features new neural network modules for video analytics, functionality for audio playback in Surveillance mode, expansion of the number of performed integrations with third-party systems and refined user interface.


Added functionality for integration with skeleton module

With the added capability to perform the detection and tracking of human skeletal structure, the system now can perform the analytics for identification of state of the body and actions performed by individual. Overall, the system currently supports identification of the following actions and states:

  1. Standing
  2. Walking
  3. Sitting
  4. Laying down
  5. Getting up
  6. Fallen
  7. Raised hands
  8. SOS signal

Added utility program for adjusting language settings during system setup and license activation

The upgraded version of EYECONT software now features functionality for language selection in the utility user interface during configuration and activation of the software.

Added integration with SOS module

The module detects such set actions of a person as raised hands and waiving of the hands as a SOS signal and sends alarm signal about emergency. The module can be integrated with other security systems providing comprehensive approach for detection and timely reaction to security threats.


Added new modules for video analytics

  • neural network module for detection of left unattended objects

  • neural network module for detection of emergencies (i.e. detection of SOS signal – raising and waiving of hands above the head)

  • neural network module for personnel control

  • neural network module for detection of a phone in a crane cabin

Added click-through events in the alarm log to photo archive

The new version of the software now features the functionality to double click the event in the alarm log to display a still frame with corresponding detected violation. This functionality substantially improves the ease of reacting on the occurred accidents and provides quick access to the required information.

Added support for H.264 audio and video in Surveillance mode

The new version now enables users to playback audio from cameras in Surveillance mode as a result of support of H.264 audio and video. This feature enables to control occurring situations to a fuller extend and receive additional information when reviewing video recordings.

Added support to quickly access archive via click-though Telegram message

This functionality enables the users to quickly review archival data via web client for specific events directly from Telegram messenger.  

Face recognition module has been integrated with the module for monitoring correct use of personal protective equipment

Now the system can identify the presence of PPE for a specific individual to grant the access to hazardous area. The algorithm of the joint module operation is the following: first, the system performs facial recognition – then, it checks for the presence of the required set of PPE – next, when PPE set is recognized, the system sends signal to a third-party physical access control system for granting access to personnel.

Added expanded parameter setting for event processing under different use cases

The new version now features functionality that enables users to check presence and composition of PPE based on personnel groups. If a use case does not require to monitor PPE for a specific group, this functionality can be easily disabled. This option improves flexibility and ease of personnel safety control.

For any questions related to the system utilization and integration, please feel free to contact:

Andrey Kalinyak
International Development Manager