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Automarshal 2.23 – new version of the number plate recognition system

The new version of Automarshal introduces an improved pre-processing of the video image, which allows the user to set horizontal and vertical perspective and adjust the linear contrasting for enhancement of the number plate recognition accuracy. Additionally, the «User groups» were added to combine all users with similar administration rights for accessing particular lists. Also, this version now supports the new type of entry based on 4 induction loops.   

Moreover, several additional improvements were introduced to the user interface to make the user experience more convenient and intuitive.


Improved video preprocessing

The new setting parameters have been added to the window of video preprocessing. (We recommend to utilise these parameters in the version x64):

  • Horizontal perspective
  • Vertical perspective
  • Linear contrasting

For better recognition results one may use the perspective settings to align the vehicle number plate in the camera frame.

«Linear contrasting» is included in the separate «Colour» tab. Linear contrasting helps to adjust black and white contrast in the low light conditions.

Added new type of entry based on 4 induction loops

The new type of entry based on 4 sensors has been added to the «Front and Rear Plate» Module. This type of entry control is more reliable since it eliminates the problem of unknown location of the vehicle if it is reversing. This added functionality is useful when it is necessary to have a confirmation that the vehicle crossed the entry at the checkpoint and not has left the premises instead.

Added «User groups» for the management of the lists

The new version adds the functionality that manages cumulative administrative rights for the different categories of users that work with the lists. The users with identical administrative rights (e.g. an operator) are aggregated into the Group. Each group has its own administrative rights setting to grant the access to the selected lists and ability to perform certain actions within these lists (e.g. monitor/add/edit/manage/delete records). If the user has low clearance level to access the list, the following message would appear:

Only the lists for which the user has the administrative access for are displayed in the Filter and «User Group Management».

Lists’ access setting

The user does not have the enough clearance to edit list’s pass records.

Added option to include recognised vehicle number plate into the email subject line

The new version now has the option to customise the email subject and text. Now, any parameter/entry can be added to the email subject line including the recognised vehicle number plate. This would allow to improve the management of the received messages from Automarshal system.  

Added «Motion detection» trigger event for the video channel

«Motion detection» trigger activation event allows to make the log entries for the vehicles with unrecognised number plates (including the cases when the number plate has been too dirty to make a reliable recognition). When Automarshal detects a moving vehicle in the camera frame, the system saves the image and performs an action specified by the trigger. This action may include sending the data via HTPP or notifying security by sending an email. 


Added feature to show the text prompts in the notification window

The user can set the text prompt message to assist with identification of appearing notifications. These prompts would be shown at the bottom of notification window and identify the nature and source of received notification.

Improved window for quick addition of the number plate into the list

The new version of Automarshal adds a quick search feature for the Lists in the «Quick Adding» window. This feature eliminates the need for manual search of the required list name across all available ones. To use this feature when adding a new number plate to the list, the user needs to type the first letters of the required list name and select the appropriate search result.

Added video channel priority setting for the display of the recognition frame

The user can set the priority for the display of detected vehicle in the main Automarshal window based on the video channels.

Video channel priority is set by changing the order of the list in the setting window. The video channel that is at the top of the list has the highest display priority. The user can change the display priority of a particular channel by changing its order in the list with «up» and «down» arrow buttons.

The priority setting can be disabled. When disabled, the display of video channels would occur in a conventional mode.

Added feature to clear the DB via executable. bat file

«Database Task Scheduler» module now includes the new SQL-script that enables to clear the DB directly without putting high demand on the system resources. 

Note: available only for Microsoft SQL Server.

  «Recognition accuracy» column has been introduced into the reports

The new Automarshal version introduces the ability to include the «recognition accuracy» into the generated reports by selecting and adding the corresponding column in the report configurator window.

Added ability to edit the HTTP-message body for the «Export HTTP» module

«Export HTTP» module enables to relay the recognised vehicle number plates to the external system via HTTP protocol. The new version of Automarshal now has the ability to edit the body of the message sent via HTTP in the «Edit Trigger» window. The user can customise the message body template, or use the one with default settings.

Web-client: introduced ability to rewrite existing lists in the DB when importing data

The new version introduces the ability to rewrite recurring data entries or add information to them. This feature is useful to the users who keep the vehicle lists as the external files or manage them at the external systems and import them regularly to Automarshal.   

Web-client: introduced ability to edit existing vehicle access passes from the list

For any vehicles that have been issued the access pass in the past which is currently expired, the system would offer to edit the previously created entry by adding the new period of validity when issuing a new access pass.

Automarshal version 2.23 is available for download from our website. If you already have the licence which has been purchased less than a year ago, please specify the licence information when installing the new version of the software for a free update.

Before updating the current version of the software please follow these instructions: recommendations before an update

If you currently do not own Automarshal license, please feel free to test the software by downloading fully featured demo version of Automarshal. Please note that the trial period of 15 days begins with the first activation of the demo version on a computer.

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